Friday, September 25, 2009

A fun technique for clean fingers!!

I am a very messy stamper. If I can make a project without getting ink somewhere it isn't supposed to be, I celebrate.....literally!
However, messy or not, I LOVE to create. In the process of creating, I found a solution to my sponging mess!! A large metal clip!! See...look here!

No Ink on my Fingers to transfer onto my paper!! Oh Heavenly Bliss!!
I am now going to label each one with the color name and create whole new sponging families.
Organized sponges and no messy fingers.
Oh Happy Day!


Anita said...

Great tip!

airbornewife said...

Cool! what a neat idea.. thanks for sharing ~ Pam

Anonymous said...


Anne said...

Oh you creative genius, you! What a great idea.

Lyssa had photos of her scrap camp weekend getaway, and in one of them I spied rows of sponges in a SU clear plastic stamp box, all lined up, neat as could be. Can you stand it??

BJ Smith said...

What a great idea...clear boxes!! I can't wait. My sponges are one of those organization nightmares as well as not know just what ink is on them. Now with labels I might just get them into family boxes and have them nicely tucked in a row. (Almost sounds like a Christmas story.)

Michelle said...

OK, that is the best tip EVER!

....Linda.... said...

Wow - thank you thank you - I hate ink on my fingers! Gets
all over everything else!