Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October VIPink Project

We had a fabulous time creating a super easy and stunning wreath.
I love that you get big WOW with this project and it just cost so little!!

Unbleached Coffee Filters
Hot Glue Gun
Foam Wreath
Ink (if you want to ink the edges like the autumn one)

You need to start with unbleached coffee filters. ( My pack came with 100 and I used about 70)
You will also need a ring. I have seen rounded foam ones used although these were super cheap and worked fabulous.

Take your coffee filter.
Open it up and fold it in half the opposite way of how it was cup shaped.
Now just scrunch it up.
Glue (I used hot glue) or pin it into the wreath.
Repeat again and just build it upon itself.

Here a sample of mine.
It's getting there....halfway done. Don't forget to add ribbon for hanging!!
The bow, dangling ribbon and badge were all added when the wreath was complete.

The Autumn Harvest one! I inked the edges of this one with Chocolate Chip ink.

Easy Peasy....Anyone can do this!!!!
A special thank you to my cousin Sarah Blazek for hooking me on this!!
You rock RaRa!