Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fifth Avenue Trifold tutorial

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Fifth Avenue Floral Tri~Fold Card

Directions to make one Card
Measurements for cutting:
One piece cut at 6”x12”

Score lines:
Along the length score at
4” and at 8 1/16”
You want the outside flap to close over the inside flap smoothly.


Fold your card so that the right flap lies inside and the left flap lies on top.
Take your Left (Top) flap and line it up with the Manhattan Folder so that the fold in the card lines up with the edge of the design.

Run through the Big Shot. Take note of the direction of the folder. Your arrow should be up. I ran mine through sideways, completely open.

Now do the same thing to the opposite side, only moving the folder not the cardstock.

Take note again the folder is now flipped. The arrow is underneath but still pointing upwards.

Now you have one embossed and one in-bossed side.
Cut edges of the roses, removing the cardstock that is not embossed. Cut up to the fold line and the continue up the fold line.


Now you can add an insert to the center. I did round the corners on my sample.
Have fun! If this card inspires you to create one yourself, please share what you make with me. I would love to see. Or link it to your blog so we can all see!!
Barbara Jean Smith


Kim said...

Such a cool idea!

Kathy said...

I found this fabulous card over on SA - love it! It's also fun to find another mom of 8 - we're a rare breed! I don't post much yet, but I'm stampin8mom there.

RhondaG -the stampin' bunny said...

Thanks so much for sharing!

Here is a link to my card like yours on my blog:

It was such a joy to make!

Tinkerin In Ink said...

Beautiful and so creative! Thank you for sharing this fabulous idea!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

oh my oh my oh my what a super tutorial you have done to show us how to use these folders in a most delightful way! THANKS!

Shari Winterstein said...

This is a lovely card. One of my ladies from my Stampin' Lunch Bunch saw this and we probably going to make this at the end of the month. Very easy to follow. Thanks for blessing my day.


Kathryne said...

I saw this on Sheri's blog and had to check out the tutorial -- we will definitely be making this in my Monday library group! Fantastic idea Thanks for sharing

Veronika said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I love this embossing folder so it was great to find a great tutorial on using it twice on the one card. And the pink cardstock makes it perfect as a Mothers Day card or female birthday card. I will be making this card over and over.