Thursday, March 19, 2009

My ReDesigned Studio Space

I think we all need someplace that brings us a feeling of warmth and inspiration. When recreating my space, I focused on what made me feel good. I love our Bella Rose line. My walls are pretty close to a Barely Banana color and I am using Riding Hood red, white and Pink for accent colors. My space still needs some work and I have plans for some further touches but now I have a space that is more than a functioning office, it is truly a retreat for me to create. And a special Hi goes to Linda and her bloggers!! Welcome and I hope you enjoy my little space. My punch storage is pictured in pics 5 and 6.

I love how this pennant banner fills my window with warmth when I come in. The last picture in this post shows how I move it to welcome my visitors into my space.

I found this Pottery Barn hutch via Craigslist one day. It was a perfect shade of Riding Hood Red and a steal at $50!! I love it when we can find a bargin. I use it as a desktop as well to allow my workspace to be just that.

I placed special treasures throughout my room. This vase holds my collection of hankies from my grandmother and great-grandmother. The box was a gift from my oldest daughter.

This little treasure came from one of my best friends Dawn (whose secret identity is my upline). When she heard that I was redesigning my space, she created these little tokens for my desktop. I don't think that she meant for me not to use them but handmade gifts are one of my absolute favorites!!
Okay it is! My punch storage!! It is so wonderful to have something that is functioning and yet adds to the touches in my space. With my ribbon storage, (located on the left of the bottom picture) I did plan a little further in advance this time for ribbon growth. I have two more ribbon holders that will get place under and on top of the current one as I grow and reorganize.

Here is a shot of the other side of my space. It is a little bit more organized than in the photo (I took this stamp camp night). But you can get an idea of the other side of my room. The window is were I hang my banner when I am not having an event.

Here is the entrance to my studio! Love how I left the front door open! Put a whole new spin to open house :).

I hope that you enjoyed your little visit over here with me. I loved having you over. I also hope that you will take whatever ideas you liked here and create them for yourself. Did you get inspired here or do you have a space that you would like to share? Feel free to post a link and we can all have a home tour! I would love to come and visit your space!

Happy Stamping!!

Barbara Jean

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Beverly said...


I have a couple of antique desks - one is a school desk and the other a enormous, quarter saw oak executive desk that I have in my craft room. Along the way I have found odd pieces of wood furniture that others have not wanted when their parents home was up for sale, etc. I have acquired a few real beauties. But now I also must "re-do" my bulging at the seams craft room. So I ordered new furniture that will have the antique look to blend everything together.

So thanks for sharing your space as it is helpful to see ideas - love your punch storage for instance! I don't know if your nearby WalMart carries this - but I got some great wide-mouthed jars there that have nice black lids, real versatile for any decor.

You obviously are rich in many ways! Cheers!