Saturday, March 21, 2009




From now through April 30, Stampin' Up! is offering a "three-easy payment" option for the Starter Kit.

Have you ever thought about wanting to purchase the Demonstrator Starter Kit, but perhaps you just found it difficult to fit purchasing it into your current budget? Well, think no more! With this LIMITED TIME OFFER, now may be the best time to JUST DO IT!

This is something that has NEVER been offered before and it is not known if they will ever do it again! So, you will want to take advantage of it while you can. This option is NOT available on-line. If you are interested and would like to get in on this offer please contact me, so that I can send you out all the necessary paperwork. CLICK HERE to see the all the great products offered in the Demonstrator Starter Kit. You'll notice that you're given options. There are certain things, such as stamp sets, stamp pad and cardstock colors that you can change to your own liking. This is truly an phenomenal offer!!!

Here's a breakdown of the payments for you....

Payments Breakdown for the SALE*A*BRATION Starter Kit Price (March 13-31, 2009)
PAYMENT ONE (charged at the time of entry) $56.34 (plus sales tax)
With Stampin' Memories Add On $106.34 (plus sales tax)

PAYMENT TWO (charged around April 15th) $56.33
PAYMENT THREE (charged around May 15th) $56.33
Your total payment would be $169 or $219 with the Memories Add On

REGULAR STARTER KIT PRICE April 1-30, 2009 breakdown
PAYMENT ONE (charged at the time of entry) $66.34 (plus sales tax)
with Stampin' Memories Add On $116.34 (plus sales tax)

PAYMENT TWO (charged around May 15th) $66.33
PAYMENT THREE (charged around June 15th) $66.33
Your total payments would be $199.00 or $249.00 with the Memories add on.

These are both wonderful opportunities especially the savings that you receive if you sign up before March 31st. Once again the offer is NOT available on online. Please contact me if you are interested and I will get you all the necessary paperwork that you will need. If you want to sign up for the SALE*A*BRATION offer, we need to get you paperwork in to the main office by the 31st of March.


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