Sunday, February 1, 2009

Circle Scissors Plus!!

You’ll be dancing in all kinds of circles once you see what the new
Cutter Bee® Circle Scissor® Plus can do. You might be thinking, “Why
do I need another circle cutter when I’ve got my Coluzzle®?” For some
projects, your Coluzzle Cutting System might be the way to go—but
we’ll show you why the Circle Scissor Plus is also a must-have for your
stamping tool kit.

For starters, with the Circle Scissor Plus, all you have to do is turn a handle.
The V-shaped blade allows for cutting in both directions, and the gripper
base ensures that the cutter stays still. In one fluid motion, the Circle
Scissor Plus cuts all the way around your circle. You won’t have to worry
about awkward hand placement, templates shifting, the blade jumping
track, or stopping halfway through to reposition.

In addition, the Circle Scissor Plus can cut circles of any size up to six
inches. You’re not constrained by increments—you decide the size. It also
cuts circles smaller than two inches. When it comes to rings, the
Circle Scissor Plus will be with you through thick and thin.

Other Important Information:

The Circle Scissor Plus:• Comes with one replacement blade, which stores in the top
of the handle.
• Cuts one sheet of card stock or Designer Series paper at a time.
• Has a see-through body that allows for precise photo cutting.
• Includes a pen/pencil tool for drawing circles (works great with Stampin’
Write® markers
• Is compact and lightweight for portability.

The benefits of purchasing the Circle Scissor Plus from me instead of a craft store?
When you purchase it through me, you can come to me with questions and for product expertise. That’s a service you won’t get anywhere else. And Stampin' Up! always guarantee's the quality of the product, that is something craft stores don't always do either.

Tips for Using the Circle Scissor Plus

The gripper base is not sized to fully grip the edges
of anything smaller than six inches
, and you may find
your smaller pieces of paper spinning around instead
of cutting. To cut paper smaller than six inches, lightly
tack it to the glass mat using SNAIL Adhesive®.

• For best results, use with a glass mat. Glass mats allow
the blade to “float” across the cutting surface for a
cleaner, better cut. (We recommend the Cutter Bee
Glass Mat. It provides the smoothest cuts.)

• The Circle Scissor Plus works most smoothly when
you’re standing up. This helps distribute the weight
and pressure on the cutter evenly, resulting in the
cleanest cut and most perfect circle.

• Cutting rings can be a little tricky, but it takes only a
little practice to master. When cutting rings, cut the
smaller circle, or the center of the ring, first, and then
don’t move the cutter! Make sure it stays in place
while you adjust the size for the outside circle of your
ring, and then cut again. Keeping the cutter in place
the whole time is the key to getting radical rings.

Spring-Summer 2009 Idea Book & Catalog, page 188
Cutter Bee Circle Scissor Plus • item 112530 • $29.95 US
Cutter Bee Glass Mat (13" x 13") • item 112531 • $19.95 US
Cutter Bee Replacement Blades (set of 3) • item 112532 • $3.95 US

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Sarah Carbajal said...

Bj- I've heard a nasty little rumor also that Coluzzle is discontinuing their cutting system...just a heads up! We might all need to purchase this new circle cutter from you!!