Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have decided to jump into my life today. No more holding back, making excuses or procrastinating any further. So what FINALLY made me get off my keister? My kids. (No, it wasn't the 8 cups of coffee. I hadn't had those yet.) My children has this knack of hovering and eavesdropping on anything that goes on in my home. Yes, there are NO secrets in this house. I was thinking about it this morning and it dawned on me. How much of my procrastinating have they witnessed? Have I shown them an example of a virtuous woman? Ummm, I'm thinking not. It's not that I haven't been a good mom but I haven't been holding myself to a higher standard. I want them to know that if you want something, GO FOR IT with ALL that you have!!

Today's card was made in advance, yes I said advance, for July's pink pj nite. The card was made from Apricot Appeal cardstock, Pixie Pink stamp pad, a popsicle stick, a little ribbon and a quick computer printout. I also used the scallop punch and curvy sayings stamp. It took me a total of 10 minutes, from inspiration to finished project! I love it when it's that easy!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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Jeanna said...

Hey girl!
Where ya been? Anyhow, stop by my blog and check the deets.