Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School...No stampin' today!!

Awww, today was the first day of school!! The girls were so excited to go. Paige and Elizabeth were set up in matching polka dots. They were the first off to go; off to preschool. Next shift was Lucy, Katee and Eli. Katee was full of poses and didn't want to put down her Cupcake backpack. (Cupcake is Katee's special name...just ask her sometime.) She started Kindergarten. This year was a hard one for me as I wasn't sold on her starting this year. Lucy was so mature this year. My big first grader!! She knew what she was doing and made sure she had all of her things. They were just so cute. Elijah had special ordered his backpack this year and didn't want mom to walk him to his class. (Big Sigh!) How fast they grow!! He only has two more years of elementary school. This year is big binders, dividers, seems like the years have just flown. And yes, he did style his hair to look like that. :) Well, next week the older girls start their home school program. I am so excited about this God centered, character based program. If only hubby would let me keep them all at home!!!

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Trish said...

Your kids are so adorable. I love their pics . . . they brought a smile to my heart!

You are truly blessed!