Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is the first TAG for My Pink Pajamas!! I was tagged by my brand new blogging friend Jeanna. Please visit her site here: http://stamptimesomewhere.typepad.com/stamp_time_somewhere/

Here are my 7 random/weird facts about me.

1.) My husband actually calls me Palapalakini. I used to hate being called Barbara Jean when I was young. As I became an adult, I couldn't get anyone to call me Barbara Jean. My husband who met me as Barbara now refers to me by my Hawaiian version.

2.) I smile when I type. My daughters laugh at me, and yes, they are laughing now. I usually will smile and laugh when I am typing or writing to someone. (Gosh, I sure hope that they enjoy their mail as much as I did typing it.~teehee)

3.) I rearrange my home ALL the time. It can be anything. My top 2 reasons for rearranging... I am deep cleaning and everything moves or I am so frustrated, I have to change what I can around me. Hmmm. I think that I just learned something new about myself.

4.) I actually did a victory dance after I won my first arguement with my mom. Whether you know my mom or not, she never loses an arguement. I thought that this was such a big acheivement until I realized that I would've rather have won her approval.

5.) I secretly enjoy watching people's faces when they hear we have 8 kids. It is even funnier when they try to figure out who is related to who. I love my big family but it bothers me when people insist on knowing which of my 8 are mine. They are all mine, silly peeps. I guess that goes along with "who is their real mom?" I didn't know that I wasn't real. Good thing that I am secure with myself.

6.) I cannot sit and be idle. I feel like I constantly have to be working on something. My poor hubby can't even have me watch a movie with him without me finding something to do about halfway through.

7.) I am married to a chef. Okay, not literally. But my husband can outcook me any day of the week. I love it!! I really love it when he makes chinese food. The downfall...he makes dieting hell.

Okay, that is way more than enough about me. Here are the 7 lucky winners of my tag. I hope that you will enjoy these wonderful and lovely ladies as much as I do!! Take a peek and let them know where you came from if you want.

1.) Alesha Walls http://aleshawalls.blogspot.com/

2.) Ali Manning http://www.newenglandstamper.com/my_weblog/

3.) Julie http://stampinwithjulie.blogspot.com/

4.) Kelly http://kellyswienton.blogspot.com/

5.) Kirsten http://kirstendubosque.blogspot.com/

6.) Lisa http://blessedalatte.blogspot.com/

7.) Charmaine http://oodabugalley.blogspot.com/

I hope that you all will play!! Happy Inspirations!

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Julie Masse said...

Thanks so much for the tag Babs! :) I really appreciate your visits! Your blog looks great!! Thanks again!